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Falmouth Road Practice – Telephone System Experiencing Technical Issues

Dear patients, 

Please note that our telephone system is currently going through some technical issues and you might not be able to get through to a member of staff. This is currently being investigated by Premier Choices and we are working to resolve these issues and implement a new telephone system as soon as possible.

If you are unable to contact us by telephone, you can email and we will reply as quickly as we can. 

Apologies for any convenience. 

Silverlock Medical Center Carers Event – Thursday 28 March 2019

Join us at our Carers afternoon on Thursday 28 March 2019 from 14.00pm to 16.00pm taking place at Silverlock Medical Center. See the poster below.

We will be having a Tea & Cake Event with the activity being “Design your own cake” you can enjoy for FREE  and also meet representatives from:

  • Carers UK
  • Age UK
  • Southwark Carers

This is for you if you are:

  • A Carer
  • Unsure if you are a Carer and need advice
  • You want to support Carers

Who are Carers?

Find out more about who Carers are and what we do for them >>

Join Us

Come along to get access to support, information and enhanced services to help you and those that you care for. We will be providing FREE refreshments and will be joined by colleagues from:




Queens Road Surgery Carers Event after report with pictures

Queens Road Surgery hosted a successful Carers Afternoon for all members of the public on Wednesday 28th Febuary 2018See pictures from the event below.
The event was well attended, mixed with members of the general public, registered patients, local healthcare providers and surgery staff.
Attendees had the opportunity to meet with the Practice Manager, together with new and long standing staff members of the practice. The event helped to raise awareness about a number of local Carers service providers, all of which are accessible through the surgery for patients and residents of Southwark. Patients also had access to refreshments.
The event provided a great platform for local healthcare services to engage with one another, promoting a holistic and community based approach to healthcare.
The local services that attended were:

  • Southwark Carerswho aim to make a positive difference to the lives of unpaid carers in the diverse communities of Southwark by providing them with a range of services, support and recognition.

AT Medics were delighted to host this event, and extend special thanks to the practice team and services who made this all possible.